2017 marks 75 years since the Kokoda Trail Campaign. Kokoda is one of the most significant campaigns in Australia’s history and we should all know it’s story.

75 years ago, hundreds of ordinary Australians became extraordinary Australians fighting a continual battle against the elements, inhospitable terrain and a voracious enemy hell bent on taking their land and our Australian freedom. Our diggers overcame overwhelming odds and atrocious conditions to take victory over this enemy. Outnumbered and outgunned this was possible due to their trust and respect for each other, their dependence on each other, their ability to never give up, to hang in there when all seemed lost, self belief, courage, endurance, mateship, sacrifice, and resilience.

When you walk Kokoda with all its obstacles and challenges you feel the aura and spirit of these young men who defeated an enemy who had never been conquered, an enemy that had never tasted defeat.

Our Kokoda Veterans are now in their 90s and 2017 may be the last significant anniversary to commemorate, to remember and to be empowered by their indomitable spirit.

We’re leading a number of 8, 9 and 10 night Anzac treks in April 2017…what better way to pay your respects and commemorate this momentous anniversary than to head to the track itself.

Come and walk in the footsteps of heroes, the footsteps of our fallen soldiers and achieve something extraordinary in 2017.


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