Trekking Kokoda is all about getting to the heart and soul of the Kokoda Track and discovering what really makes it tick. Not only is ‘going local’ the best way for you to have a real travel experience, but working with the local people and their businesses means that the economic benefit derived from your trek stays with the local community.

One of the main reasons many travellers choose Kokoda Spirit is the fact we exclusively use tour leaders who were born or raised along the Kokoda Track.

Their local knowledge keeps them one step ahead of the non local guides.
Kokoda Track Local GuidesThey are highly qualified and trained and English speaking, and their intimate knowledge of the Kokoda Track enables them to unlock doors and show you things that you wouldn’t otherwise find.

Travelling with a local leader means that you enjoy a uniquely local perspective, meeting your leader’s friends and family along the track.

Aside from the benefit to you, the traveller, we are proud to say that by employing locals, we are providing income, training and a career to local people.

A lot of trekking companies talk about responsible travel but employ ‘outsiders’. This deprives locals of the economic benefits of tourism.

With Kokoda Spirit, you can trek knowing that the money you spend directly benefits your leader, the porters and their families and the local community. In as many ways as we can, we support local businesses and communities in our travels, it’s the ethical way. It is the only way to get a true understanding of PNG and the Kokoda Track.

We know at Kokoda Spirit that we are far from perfect, but we are trying very hard to minimise our impact on the Kokoda Track, while delivering an exceptional eco-trekking experience. We will continue to work with the local people in PNG and along the Kokoda Track to ensure everyone benefits from this rich and rewarding experience that is the Kokoda Track.