Specifically designed for school & youth leadership groups

Kokoda Spirit can tailor a powerful and extraordinary Kokoda program to suit your requirements.

Our treks are designed specifically for our School and Youth Leadership groups.

Our itineraries, dates, lengths of treks and community projects are designed to suit your goals and outcomes.

We have structured our programs to develop the important skills young people need including, perseverance, resilience, education, personal development, goal setting, skill development, group participation, team building, confidence, self esteem, leadership, fitness and community connection.

Our Kokoda Track trips offer an innovative and safe educational travel experience, focusing on interaction with the local communities and developing a greater understanding of the diverse and rich cultural heritage of PNG.

Our educational journeys help students develop a sense of worth and self esteem, along with concepts of teamwork, leadership, motivation, goal setting, self discipline, peak performance and shared responsibility- the crossing of the Kokoda Track is an enormous achievement. We also ensure it is heaps of fun!

Our trips focus on the history of the track, community projects, including immersion, humanitarian, Duke of ED, and student empowerment and leadership projects.

We have successfully led many hundreds of Students and more than 5000 trekkers across Kokoda since 2004. The experience of walking Kokoda is empowering and life changing.

Kokoda Spirit prides itself on its professionalism of its staff, and its friendly and knowledgeable ambiance. Our staff truly makes all the difference and ensures that all our trekkers have a safe and memorable trek.

Our priority is the safety of our trekkers. Our staff is focused on ensuring that all of our trekkers cross the Track safely and enjoy their experience.

We provide comprehensive and informative pre trek information and have an exclusive training program and a comprehensive risk management plan designed specifically for our Kokoda adventures.

Walking Kokoda with Kokoda Spirit across the wartime Kokoda Track is an experience not just a holiday. We see things as an explorer, historian and adventurer.


When you trek Kokoda with Kokoda Spirit, you’re participating in a personal discovery experience; you are truly living and participating in an historic and monumental Kokoda adventure.


Kokoda Spirit is or has been involved in a number of youth partnership roles including, the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP). The KCYP is a program, which has been developed to help young Australians who are at a crossroad in their lives and require an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Kokoda Spirit also continues its relationship with the MASP Youth Leadership Mentoring program in Victoria and has done so for the past four years.

We have been heavily involved with Jobs Australia and their Indigenous Youth Leadership programs having led a group of Indigenous Leaders and Mentors across the Kokoda Track in their leadership program.

We also work with Y Lead with their School programs.

Every year Kokoda Spirit organises many expeditions for Schools across the Kokoda Track. The Kokoda Spirit school adventure is an authentic experience of different cultures, customs and landscapes where your students can develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and their own cultural heritage while still having fun.

Immerse yourself not only in the heroic and inspirational Australian Diggers battle stories, but also in the rich cultural heritage along the Kokoda Trail as we trek through local villages and spend time discovering the local customs and way of life of your local guides, their families, and the local villages along the Kokoda Track.

Our School and Youth Groups have included

Haileybury College, Newcastle Grammar, Berne School, Nhulunbuy High School, Rostrevor College, Murray High School, St Ignatius Riverview College, Hale School, Yarrawonga Secondary College, Mackillop College, Sunshine Coast Grammar, Victorian College of Deaf, St Luke’s Anglican Bundaberg, St Hilda’s College (Melbourne Uni) Y Lead, Ela Murray International School Port Moresby, Knox Grammar, Ravenswood School for Girls, Chancellor Park State College, Kokoda Challenge Association, MASP Youth Mentoring and Jobs Australia Indigenous program.

The leadership and communication skills and TREK FEEDBACK their relentless efforts to ensure that we were safe and well informed were well and truly above my expectation. I will definitely be involved in this experience again.

Nick Johnstone Head of Middle School and Curriculum St Luke’s Anglican School Bundaberg Qld

All the members of the trek had a great time, particularly the Buna extension. Adrian and the Buna boys were excellent. Having already done 6 Kokoda’s they are the best set of porters I’ve been associated with. Adrian as a lead guide was fantastic. The boys walked with the clients all the way and log crossings were roped well and they lead all clients across safely. The village stay was fantastic. The Mu Mu and Sing Sing were great and the guesthouse was very comfortable.

David Eke Head of Campus St Luke’s Anglican School Bundaberg Qld

Whether you want to understand the battles along the Kokoda Track, challenge yourself physically and mentally over the tough terrain, appreciate the rainforest at first hand, or immerse yourself in the culture of the local communities, we can create an innovative and safe itinerary with experiences that you just can’t get on a regular school trip.

Our staff members are professional and qualified to lead these expeditions, and guarantee your expedition is everything and more than you expected! And as we arrange every detail, from meals, insurance to risk assessments, you can travel with piece of mind. We have been organising school trips across the Kokoda Track for over 10 years, we can even help you with the paper work to get approval.

Our comprehensive ongoing support and training programs are tailored to your school’s specific needs to support the curriculum priorities you identify.

If you are a teacher (or involved with a school) and are interested in hearing more about what Kokoda Spirit can offer, just email or call us to discuss your plans.

Contact Wayne Wetherall at Kokoda Spirit and we will be pleased to assist in planning, organising and facilitating your requirements.


Dear Wayne
Thanks for the great experience that you gave us on the Kokoda Track. We had a great time and learnt a lot. It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Many thanks.

Nick Skerritt St Ignatius Riverview – Student

Dear parents,
Hopefully your boy has now adjusted back to school life following his adventure across the Kokoda track.

Thanks to all that have provided me with the wonderful feedback on the trip. No doubt, your boy has filled you in on all the events across the track. I am sure he has many wonderful memories that will stay with him forever.

The boys, parents and staff have gained so much from this trip. The physical and mental challenge has given them a reference point for future obstacles and challenges they will face;

All would agree they have a heightened awareness and profound respect for the men that fought on the track and the sacrifice and support given by the Fuzzy- Wuzzy Angels; All would agree they have a greater appreciation and deep respect for the local people in Papua New Guinea, so happy and content, caring and considerate, yet with so little in earthly possessions.

No photo could do justice to the wonderful relationships that were established between the porters and the boys.

On behalf of the Kokoda school staff, I would like to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to lead your boy through this journey. We all look forward to our reunion together to share this wonderful experience. Regards

Brett Donoghue
School Kokoda Organiser


Quotes From Kokoda

Congratulations to our Kokoda Team who successfully conquered the challenging Kokoda Track, walking in the footsteps of our heroes.
Thanks to ClubMulwala (RSL) for their incredible sponsorship which makes this program possible.
“Kokoda was one of the best experiences made special by our porters, trek master Charlie, trek leader Geoff and Kokoda Spirit guide, Max. I never thought it would be so emotional and it was an amazing change in culture and way of life. I learnt it’s not all about the walk but everything around it. What an awesome group of kids and I thank them so much for their fun, support and encouragement along the way”

Karen Rennie

“Doing Kokoda lived up to every expectation that I had and more. It was challenging, physically and mentally, we learned a lot about what the Australian soldiers went through fighting for our country and we got to experience a small part of the conditions that they had to face while defending our homeland. What made the experience even better was being able to share it with some of my closest friends and develop new ones. Thank you to everyone that donated and thank you to the Kokoda Team – I’ll miss the times we had on the track”

Harry Whinray

“Of all the things I gained from completing the Kokoda Trail, the most important was the greater level of appreciation I have for the soldiers who fought along the track. Their outstanding levels of endurance, courage, mateship and sacrifice were awe-inspiring!”

Jake Willett

“Walking the Kokoda Track was a life changing experience. It was extremely challenging but at the same time great fun with great people. It was one of the best things I have ever achieved and I’m proud of myself and the team for getting through it”

Caitlin O’Dwyer

“Being able to accomplish the Kokoda Track at such a young age and have this amazing opportunity at our school is awesome. Over the trip we all faced many obstacles but with teamwork and mateship from everyone we overcame and smashed through our great adventure. I couldn’t have imagined the trek any better than what it was!”

Finlay Nyholm

“Kokoda was an amazing experience, challenging everyone in different ways. We all learnt so much about what our soldiers endured in PNG, as well learning about another culture, their customs and way of life”

Harley McCarthy

“If deb balls are where girls become women, the Kokoda track is where I became a man… it was a test of endurance through the rain, blisters and the malaria tablets. On the up side. .. it was adventurous and fun. Playing football with the local PNG kids put a smile on everyone’s dial. The track itself was undulating and relatively dry as they are in a 9 month drought. Congratulations to the whole team for such a successful trip”

Trent Williams

“Walking the Kokoda Track has been one of the best things l have ever done. I was able to gain a much better appreciation of what our soldiers went through in WWII and am proud of our team for overcoming challenges and supporting one another”

Chloe Freeman


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