Hi Greg,

As the dust settles and I finally get myself back into routine I wanted to send you an email of thanks.

What an amazing job it must be to take people away from their creature comforts to teach them a little bit about themselves but more importantly a little bit about our soldiers who did the same walk but under much, much different circumstances.

I could not even start to count the number of times that I thought about the soldiers, how tough they must have been doing it and how mentally challenging the track must have been. It is hard to put into words how fortunate I feel to have been given so much time in a day to really contemplate the effort, sacrifice and sheer selflessness of those who fought. I genuinely felt, that by sharing your knowledge, the boys got more out of the trip.

I really enjoyed your company Greg, you appear to be a man of great morals and discipline, something which I admire in any individual.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you not for your work at Kokoda but your 35 Years of service to our country. Although my family’s military history is not extensive, I think our army men and women might not be thanked as often as they should be.

Anyway Greg, just thought I would say thank you for helping create some of the most memorable moments. I am truly grateful each day for the experience.

All the best