Trekking Company Differences – Some things to think about…

Beware of other trekking Companies using the name Kokoda Spirit on their web sites. They realise that Kokoda Spirit offer the very best experience and value and that we are the Number 1 trekking Company on the Kokoda Track and have been for the past 5 years.

We have been offering and operating treks on Kokoda since 2004 and have led over 5000 trekkers safely across Kokoda.

There is only one Kokoda Spirit and that is us!

We also walk the wartime track through Kagi and the “eco track”

It is a great compliment to us that these companies continue to copy our name Kokoda Spirit and imitate our great inclusions and service.

If you are comparing companies be sure to, look at the real Kokoda Spirit inclusions.

Our Kokoda Spirit accommodation is at the safe and secure 5 Hotel in Port Moresby.

The other Company use the Sogeri Lodge 35km away from Port Moresby!

Not only is the Sogeri Lodge not in Port Moresby but it is a lodge not a Hotel! You pay for what you get!

We can offer these options if you would like a cheaper option for your accommodation.

We also offer the Kokoda Trail Motel and Sogeri Lodge at Sogeri as alternatives. You can save a lot of money on accommodation with these options. But… You get what you pay for.

Beware of Bizare claims of other trekking companies of their Military Leadership and service, check out their actual service record.

Ask the question how many times the Company Owner/Guide of the company has been evacuated off the track and unable to finish the trek!

How can someone that cannot safely walk the track themselves give competent advice on trekker safety??

This is a critical question because your safety is in their hands!

We do not trek at night or make you have 3am starts. This is just dangerous and irresponsible!

Kokoda Spirit offers fantastic inclusions and support to our trekkers, checkout our inclusions or give us a call.

There are a couple of lessons here do your research thoroughly and the Latin theory of ‘caveat emptor’ (Let the buyer beware) applies here.

Chase your Dreams not your Competitors

Trekking Kokoda with Kokoda Spirit is an experience not just a holiday. We see things as an explorer that tourist and Military trekking companies cannot.

There is some Kokoda trekking Companies, that pump their chests and tell you how good they are, how professional they are and how they are the only ones that have true Military Leaders as guides and the only ones to walk the original Wartime Track.

These same companies walk you in ‘Platoon’ size (33 trekkers plus) to give you the real military feel.

Multiply these trekker numbers with nearly four times as many porters and you have a huge Congo line through the Jungle!

They also walk you on occasions at night or early morning, what a dangerous thing to be doing! Not sure how you can take in the ambience and scenery of the Kokoda Track when you cannot see two feet in front. They also charge you a huge price for the privilege!

The Latin theory of ‘caveat emptor’ (Let the buyer beware) applies here. Make sure you choose the trekking company to suit your needs. Kokoda Spirit can design a package to suit your requirements.

Our Guides are passionate and specialists in the Kokoda Campaign. Check out our Australian Guide Profiles.

Australian Defence Force organisations and Australian Para Military organisations, have chosen and continue to choose Kokoda Spirit for our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the Kokoda Track, and the battles along the Kokoda Track.

While we love working with our Defence Force groups, we do promise not to treat you like a raw recruit or march you in platoon or company size groups like some Military trekking companies!

Kokoda Spirit trekker numbers per trek average around 10 and our prices are great value for money


Wayne Wetherall

Adventurer, Businessman, Founder and Owner of Life Changing Adventure Companies. Wayne is also the Head Guide for Kokoda Spirit and always at the forefront of new adventures in PNG

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Why Choose Us


We walk the WAR TIME TRACK through Kagi not the Eco Track.

We do not walk the track at night or force you to have early 3am starts to get to your days camp site.

Trekking Kokoda with us means you see things as an explorer, historian and adventurer.

We offer comprehensive battle site briefings and dignified services along the track.

Our Guides are passionate and specialists in the Kokoda Campaign history.

Australian Defence Force organisations and Australian Para Military organisations, have chosen and continue to choose Kokoda Spirit for our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the Kokoda Track and the battles along the Kokoda Track.

While we love working with our Defence Force groups, we do promise not to treat you like a raw recruit or march you in platoon or company size groups like some trekking companies! See what some of them say.


We have a wealth of experience, with over 3600 trekker’s successfully and happily trekked Kokoda with Kokoda Spirit. See what some of them say here.

Kokoda Spirit has helped organise and lead several defence force treks along the Kokoda Track including, Australia’s Federation Guard, and the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) on 3 occasions.

We run trips for the annual Queensland Police Service trek and we are proud of our partnership role, for the past 4 years, in the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP).

Kokoda Spirit also continues its relationship with the MASP Youth Leadership Mentoring program in Victoria and has done so for the past four years.

We have also been involved with Jobs Australia and their Indigenous Youth Leadership programs having led a group of Indigenous Leaders and Mentors across the Kokoda Track in their leadership program.

We organise and lead a number of school trips across Kokoda. Our school group’s focus is on the history of the track, community projects, including immersion, humanitarian and student empowerment and leadership projects.

Kokoda Spirit was the chosen trekking company by the Producers of Kokoda the Movie. Other defence force groups have included The Royal Australian Navy, including HMAS Coonawarra and the crews from our Northern Coast Patrol boats and HMAS Darwin and HMAS Newcastle and the 48th Field Battalion and RAAF from Townsville. NRL Team Newcastle Knights

Managing Director Wayne Wetherall was part of the Foundation Committee that assisted in the design and implementation of the trekking companies Code of Conduct. Wayne was also a member of the Kokoda Track Maintenance Advisory Committee.

Kokoda Spirit is proud of their role in working closely with, and trekking alongside Paralympian and Adventurer Michael Milton, Paralympian Kurt Fearnley (Crawling Kokoda), Rugby League Legend, Paul The Chief Harragon.

We believe we are the largest and Number 1 trekking company operating on Kokoda since 2008.

In 2011 we believe we took twice as many trekkers across the Kokoda Track than our closest competitor.

Kokoda Spirit also took the CEO of the Kokoda Track Authority Rod Hillman and his family across the Kokoda Track.

All our travel arrangements are completed through Spirit Holidays – Travel Agents License TAG 1611


We’re passionate, and we’re respectful of the story of the Diggers, Fuzzy Wuzzy’s and the local communities along the track. We have an excellent relationship and rapport with villages, communities and elders along the track. See why here.


We offer competitive pricing on all-inclusive trek packages, including pre and post accommodation and many extras that some other companies may not not mention. We’re reliable and we deliver on our promised services! We stay at the secure 5 star Hotel in Port Moresby, not a lodge! See what’s included.


We provide excellent, friendly pre trek administration and professional advice and fact sheets, with attention to detail in preparing for your trek.

Check out our Trekking Gear lists.


We provide a comprehensive training program designed specifically for the track.


We are fully licensed and adhere to the Kokoda Track trekking code of conduct and the laws and regulations of both Australia and PNG, and holding KTA License No.3.


We have our own office, staff and vehicles in Port Moresby, allowing us to offer excellent service, local experience and peace of mind.


We can organise treks for private individuals, groups, sporting clubs, schools, corporate, defence force operations and more. We can even personally tailor your trek to meet your needs and requirements including options for

  • Trek leaders (PNG trek masters or Australian led groups)
  • Dates – trekking season runs from March to November
  • Direction – beginning or ending at Kokoda
  • Number of trekking days
  • Community projects

Our itineraries are sensible and achievable.


Our Trek Masters and guides are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the track with an exceptional knowledge of the history.

They live and breathe Kokoda!

All our senior staff are First Aid or Wilderness First Aid trained.


We have developed and adhere to an extensive risk and safety management procedure for our treks. We have contingency plans in place and 24 hour back up, with Satellite phones and first aid kits carried on every trek.

We have a First Aid trained medic/Guide on our treks.

We also provide a comprehensive medical form that must be completed by your Doctor before you trek to make sure that you are in peak condition for Kokoda.

We also carry $10 million in Public Liability insurance.


We have great food, hearty and plenty of it, freshly prepared pastas, stews, rice, potato and vegetable dishes all enhanced with local fresh garden ingredients (not hydrated packages) by our camp chefs! Our meals are designed to ensure you receive plenty of carbohydrates and protein to fuel your body.

Prepare yourself for a gourmet delight, great food, including treats of Pastries, Pizzas and even donuts!

We cater, for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten free.


We pay for Porter flights/transport to and from the Kokoda track or we pay them a walk back wage.

We supply all Porter food and camping equipment and uniform for our staff.

We pay our Trek Guides and Porters well above the industry average and well above the recommended amount specified by the Kokoda Track Authority.

Our Porters carry less than the specified weight recommended by the Kokoda Track authority and less than the International Porters code.


Kokoda Spirit believes passionately in responsible travel and promotes this through the development of sustainable eco-trekking along the Kokoda Track. This commitment will enable us to assist the local Koiariand Orokaiva people develop the skills and experience to gain employment and develop eco-tourism business across the Kokoda Track.

Kokoda Spirit is also committed to developing and implementing programs to assist the people across the track.

We believe people who work for Kokoda Spirit should be treated fairly, paid a fair wage, are supplied with adequate trekking gear, have a safe work environment, have access to health and education programs and further career opportunities.

We also believe that we should also learn and respect the culture and the customs of the country we are visiting so that we do not offend local people.

We ensure that local people benefit economically from trekking by employing them as porters, cooks, leaders and guides.

We also train our staff in hospitality, customer service, and first aid and assist them with both education and health.

Kokoda Spirit assists programs across the track to help with the distribution of school books, home readers, gardening products and first aid kits.

Our Projects have included:

  • Village Reader
  • Village Garden
  • Green Fire
  • Lighting up the track (In association with the KTF)

Some of our community groups have included PNG Cricket, Kokoda Village Reader project, PNG Village Gardener project, National Breast Cancer Foundation (Kokoda Chicks), Breast Cancer Care WA, Blind Courage (Guide Dogs Australia), Heart Foundation, Coca Cola, Zing, Victorian RSL, VECCI, Credit Union Foundation Australia (CUFA), Autism Victoria, Aspergers Group, Mission Australia, Centre Stage Management, Qantas, 500 Club, EFM and Centacare Catholic Family Services,ANGLS (Aussie Nurses Giving Life), Cerebral Palsy Centre, Barrick Gold Corporation and Porgera mine. NRL Team Newcastle Knights

Kokoda Spirit also supports and sponsors the Sunshine Coast Give Me 5 for Kids program.

We are also Sponsors and Supporters of Smiling for Smiddy which supports the Mater Foundation.

Kokoda Spirit also supports the Kokoda Track Foundation as a Gold Trek Operator Partner.

We are members of the 39th Battalion Association, 2/14th Battalion Association and the 2/16th Battalion Association.