Embodied with the Spirit of the Diggers that have gone before them, they are determined to honour the legend and legacy of our Kokoda heroes. Walking Kokoda is a truly inspiring, empowering, humbling and life changing experience. Trekking Kokoda and tourism in general in PNG is really about the people of PNG they are such wonderful people.

The attack on the trek in Morobe province last week was a terrible event – infinitely more terrible, of course, for the two Papua New Guinean guides who were killed, and for their families, than for the Australian trekkers, who escaped with lacerations and bruises.

Services to Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda, at the head of the famous Kokoda Track, are to get a boost.
The station at the north end of the track will be converted into a township for the people of Sohe District.

It changed my world gave me the courage to stand alone where I didn’t want to before – the knowledge that as long as one foot moves in front of the other everything will be ok – reverence for the people who made that track legendary and so much more its hard to find the words to describe it – the track porters people trackers I learnt something from all of them.

I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you on behalf of the 24th Sept – 2nd Oct trekkers. I had an amazing time. I surprised myself every day on the track and I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better. The porters your company organised were the most amazing men and I admire every one of them. They are amazing cooks too!

The NRL Team the Newcastle Knights are currently on the Kokoda Track with Kokoda Spirit.
The Knights Trek is about empowering their young players about our Australian Heritage, Humility and Mateship. Remembering our Past, Empowering our future.

Australian Army treks Kokoda with Kokoda Spirit.
Members of the Australian Army flew into Kokoda today to commence their training trek across the Kokoda Trail.