Our Australian Team

Wayne Wetherall runs our Australian office and operation along with, Lyn Kelly & Julie Elliott and our dedicated Australia team.

Wayne, and the Kokoda Spirit team is passionate about the Kokoda Track, the Australian history, the people and the culture of the people along the track.

Kokoda Spirit has offices in both Queensland and Port Moresby. This allows us to provide you with local contacts in Australia, while our strategically based Port Moresby office provides all the advantages of local knowledge and local infrastructure. This support network ensures your trekking adventure is enjoyable and trouble free.

Wayne Wetherall has accompanied his Trek Masters and Land Owners on the Kokoda Track on numerous occasions, having recently completed his 80th trek this ensures that all of his staff, villagers and landowners continue to benefit from tourism on Kokoda.

Wayne’s expertise in Adventure tourism, Business Management, Leadership, Motivation and Life changing experiences, provides the professional support and infrastructure to the team in Papua New Guinea. Wayne has had a very successful career in the corporate world as a State Manager, National Sales and Marketing Manager and General Manager.

Wayne has brought his passion, knowledge and pride to Kokoda Spirit ensuring that every trek and trekker is rewarded with an incredible experience across Kokoda.

Wayne has been exploring PNG since 2004 and has been instrumental in some of the great discoveries along the track. Wayne has an intimate knowledge and passion for the Australian war history on the track and is our Chief Australian Guide.

He has also written a number of stories on the history and his experiences on the track. His enthusiasm and knowledge will give you an insight into the Kokoda Tracks’ history.

Wayne has successfully led exploration treks and tours into Vietnam, Thailand, Borneo, China, Germany, Italy and France. Wayne has assisted in opening up the Sandakan track for Tourism in Borneo having made over 12 crossings of this track. He has been invited by Sabah Tourism to develop local opportunities along the Sandakan Track.

Wayne has also successfully climbed Mt Wilhelm in PNG, Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa 3 times and Mt Kinabalu in Borneo 7 times including the World’s highest “Via Ferrata”.

Early 2009, Wayne trained 5 new passionate and knowledgeable Australian guides to meet the increased demands for adventure trekking. Our guides are passionate about the track and will ensure you have a great trip.

They have established strong bonds with the local villagers, setting up trusts to supply much needed supplies of Schoolbooks and equipment. His latest project is Village Spirit, Village Reader and Village Gardener, ensuring that the local communities can continue to grow and develop.

Lyn Kelly has travelled extensively and has a wealth of experience and loves to be involved in our trekkers’ adventures and looks after the administration and organisation of your trek.

Julie Elliott, Julie has trekked Kokoda four times, the Sandakan Death March in Borneo, climbed Mt Kinabalu as well enjoying a number of treks around the world.

Lyn and Julie can assist you with your trekking and adventure needs.

Our PNG Team

Noel Namuriis our PNG Operations Manager and is ably assisted by Amy. Noel and Amy ensure all our logistics and organisational plans run smoothly. They both have warm and friendly personalities and will ensure your stay in PNG is enjoyable. 

Our Senior Trek Masters are all qualified first aiders. Our Senior Trek Masters include, Noel Namuri, Alan Malawi, Frank Bogajaiwa, Sai Abel, Joshua Segi, Jeffrey, and David, combined the have over 1080 successful treks across the track between them.

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