Alan was great porter. He was quiet and gentle in nature. He had amazing intuition though and knew exactly when I would need him. On an easy part of the track he would disappear but as soon as there was a creek crossing or slippery decline he would appear out of nowhere like magic. He took a few falls himself in order to prevent me from going down. He was super strong too, sometimes offering to take all of my things across the creek crossings, not just my main bag. As I was not a camper prior to my trip, I appreciated that he put up my tent each night otherwise I would have been sleeping under the stars!



Max was a beast on the trek and a legend to be around! Defs one of my favourite people I’ve met and friends that I’ve made.



Great to have Big Willie looking after me. Was great to get up and put warm dry clothes on every morning. I can’t remember how many times he saved my arse



I did the trek 10 years ago with your company. he wasn’t my porter but he was very kind and helpful and very easy to talk to. I will ways remember him.



My Porter was John Bula. 
He was amazing and so helpful, if it wasn’t for him I doubt whether I would have made it through.




When you’re doing the world’s easiest water crossing but your porter still insists on carrying your day pack!
Love you Inara! You certainly had your work cut out for you but you were amazing!!!



It didn’t matter where you were or if your porter was in front or behind there was always one of them they. The silent angels doing what they do best helping the Aussie get across the track.




That finished feeling and nothing but gratitude for literally saving my arse every single day. Xx



My amazing porter James, I love that man. Saved me every single day.



P.J. literally half dragged or pushed me over every single hill on that track. Not to mention caught me on every single fall I had down hill. He allowed me to look up and see the beauty of PNG, and to top it all off let me have the best birthday ever. Absolute Legend.




The bond created with your porter is a memory that will last forever. 
Good on you Sam.



I’ve had some rippers but this little bloke “Roger” looked after my daughter and that made my life a lot easier.



Benzie was my personal porter and security blanket and John Burrows was so caring, they were all legends



I did the trek in May this year and my personal porter was Jeremi! He made me feel so safe and held my hand when it was really steep or slippery. I couldn’t have done it without him!



Stuart saved me tooo many times to mention after dislocating my shoulder on day three and getting me to the end… they are all legends.




The bond is unbelievable! Always there going above and beyond, always smiling, always checking if I was ok. The memories we have always and I am forever grateful



Bartz was so proud of his village, Efogi when we walked in. This is him pointing to his village from the track. Saved my arse more than once, amazing human.



Extraordinary men is an understatement for the PNG porters on the Kokoda track, my porter Pauly was a legend all the way, saved my ass on many slippery slopes. 



My man Joe. Man of not many words but looked after me big time.



My friend Ron Koko for making this the most amazing experience and sharing his heart and soul, friendship and knowledge, culture and language….as well as dragging me up every hill! Thanks Ambo…I am forever grateful!





Noel was the stand-out for me. right along-side him would be Wayne Asena, Kennet, Steven, John, Junior, Mobe, Paul, Kevin, Bug, Mado, Esco and Savox. Gods amongst men.



Martos was just incredible. I called him “the hand of god” because he seemed to know the right time to reach out for me and stop me sliding all over the shop. He showed patience and guidance. And it was because of his amazing nature, he was the person I looked to. A good example of this is when we were going through a section of the track I was a little uncomfortable with. Most of the time for the trek I was happy to step out front but this one section I disclose to the group my desire to sit back and Martos gently guided me through.



God bless those beautiful men who helped our men a debt we can never repay.



They were all wonderful fellas and we won’t ever forget how well they looked after us



The spirit lives on good onya guys.



Henry!!! Made me feel like royalty




He was my saviour on many occasions.



Gibson was always by my side, holding my hand or watching me. Like my guardian angel.



He looked after my then 14 year old son every second of the trek in ways above and beyond. It was a huge relief to me to have Max taking care of Mikey



I would have made it down the range the quick but wrong way if it wasn’t for Sai.



Billy and I, can’t thank him enough for his kindness and help along the track ,a true gentleman and angel ,an amazing experience that lives with me every day .I hope he and his family are all well .