Australian Army Kokoda

I was able to obtain permission from the Australian Army to lead 14 serving members, predominantly gunners of the 48th Field Battery, to conduct a Battlefield Study Tour of the Kokoda Track.

Crucial to the success of ‘Exercise Bold Angel’ was the choice of trekking company Kokoda Spirit.

The assistance that Wayne and Kokoda Spirit provided in terms of advice on equipment, training and practical experience was exactly what I required as the Activity Commander.

I was impressed with Wayne’s and Kokoda Spirit’s ability to make things happen in very trying circumstances.

Wayne provided in depth knowledge of the events on the track and we were thankful that we were trekking with a company that held our safety and best interests as their primary importance.

Wayne impressed the team with his calmness under pressure, decision making and organisational ability, and communication skills. The professionalism, knowledge and experience of Wayne and his team at Kokoda Spirit was outstanding.

I have been in the Army for 10 years, and was privileged to work with Wayne, and I know that years ago Wayne would have jumped at the chance to serve in the Australian Defence Force, and I believe that we were unlucky to miss out on him.

He displayed the skills, knowledge and attitudes of current commanders of Australian troops serving overseas on operations.

I would highly recommend Wayne Wetherall and Kokoda Spirit.

Captain Scott Calvert
Activity Commander
Exercise Bold Angel
48th Field Battery
Keswick SA