Having recently completed my trek and I just like to officially thank everyone involved during my 11 days in PNG, and Lyn and Julie for their help and encouragement in the months prior to heading out.

It was life changing to say the least for me.

I have made new friends for life, we have a bond no one can ever understand until they trek Kokoda themselves.

Our Guide John Titmus is an absolute gem of a human being. As an ex-serviceman myself, I commended him personally for his historical military knowledge. For someone who hasn’t worn the uniform, he may as well have.

He included us all in the memorial services we held along the track, but he also included me on many occasions to explain things from my military service, certain aspects of army life, expectations, my experiences in jungle training.

I was asked to read The Ode 3 times, at Kokoda, at Isurava & at Bomana. I could hardly recite it as I was so emotional on each occasion, so honoured to honour the fallen in that way. To Johnny, I will be ever grateful for that honour as an ex NZDF serviceman, the descendant of real ANZACs who served in France and Gallipolli and WW2.

I have been lucky to have 4 days off work upon my return, it will be hard getting back to work after this amazing period in my life.

Thanks again to you all, especially Wayne Wetherall for making ANZAC day 2018 at Isurava so special for our entire team, including our porters. God bless you all for the great jobs you all do.

P.S I will be back to trek PNG again with Kokoda Spirit, the Black Cat track seems like another fascinating piece of our history that also needs to be experienced.

 Kindest Regards

Dave Owen (Davey, Davo).