Dear Wayne,

The Kokoda track presents itself as an ultimate physical and emotional challenge. The steepness of the mountains cannot be found in Australia, or anywhere else I have been. It bears no resemblance to any other track I have been on.

I was blessed by being guided on the trek adventure by Wayne and Michelle Wetherall’s, Kokoda Spirit Company. They provided us with a wealth of information beforehand, provided excellent equipment, met us at the airport, briefed us at our hotel, and then linked us up with our fellow guides, trekkers, and porters.

Wayne himself moved up and down the track providing briefings at key historic sites complementing the daily briefings.

I had to come on this adventure desiring to gain a deeper understanding the Kokoda campaign and I came away very satisfied of the experience I had. I experienced Kokoda at both the physical and emotional levels. Highlights of the experience for me were:

— bonding with a group of like minded Australian trekkers.
— Meeting and getting to understand the Papuan guides and porters. My personal porter Simon Nasavi was constantly by my side and saved me from falling more times than I can remember.
— the on site briefings of the key battles such as Brigade Hill, Kokoda Gap, Templeton’s Eora Creek and Isurava.
— Memorial services at Bomana Cemetery, Brigade Hill and Isurava.
— The personal inspiration of the Kokoda Spirit team in offering a personal and comprehensive package
–successfully completing the trek at age 55!!

I can heartily recommend the Kokoda Spirit package.

Gary Stone,
Australian Army Infantry officer 1970 -1996 Lieutenant Colonel,
Australian Army chaplain 1996 to present.