Special thanks to Bill Kelly, he made the trip one of the best I’ve been in after travelling the world doing treks at Everest, Kilimanjaro, Galapagos, Camino – this one was the most moving.

Anyone who has trekked the Kokoda in recent years will recognise these four words as part of the Isurava Memorial. “Courage, Endurance, Mate-ship, Sacrifice “. Each of these words carved into 2 tonne granite blocks is testimony to the diggers that fought in WWII so we can enjoy the freedom we have today.

I had wanted to do the Kokoda for many years, The highlights of the trek for me were the battle briefings at Brigade Hill, Eora Creek, the lost battlefield and Isurava. Our expedition leader Bill Kelly was nothing short of wonderful, his story time provided insights into the tactics, challenges and sacrifices at each of these major battle sites. Each battle briefing followed moments of being so moved at the heroic Aussie digger to never giving up in what seemed to be a no win situation.

After days on the trail, finishing in Kokoda brought a flood of emotions; exhilaration to have made it, joy of having shared a special trek with very special people and humbled by the knowledge of what our diggers had endured

Janie Hartman
19 – 27 August