Kokoda… what can I say…..a place and an experience of extremes and Jarassic proportions … extreme hill ups & downs extreme heat, rain, humidity & mud. Extreme jungle pathways with Jarassic plants, rivers, swamps and cliffs. This place is truly hard to explain to the non trekker as we have nothing in our land to compare to give a relatable understanding… The military history of our Australian boys back in 1942 and how they battled for our independence and freedom along this track is mind blowing, truly courageous and unfathomable…The poverty throughout the villages is so far from materialistic that it’s an education and a self evaluating moment in itself.. The huge smiles, the human warmth and willingness to give and share from its people is nothing I’ve ever seen here in Australia or in my world travels. Kokoda is a track that absorbs you from the moment of your first step, it’s immerses you completely with no outside world influences and it engraves itself into your mind, heart and skin that will remain forever…the photos attached are a token only of our trip and the track and unfortunately will not show its true beauty, it’s physical and emotional struggles or it’s true sacrifice… if you have the capability, the fortitude and the drive to experience one of the most challenging, satisfying yet most humbling experiences of your life, I would suggest you get yourself to Kokoda and walk the track…. I am forever changed…..For the better!!!!

Kindest Regards