As part of a group of 10, working hard to raise much needed funds for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, I’ve just completed the Kokoda trek with Kokoda Spirit.

I absolutely loved ever minute of the experience. Fortunately I was part of the most selfless, caring, respectful and fun loving group of people that one could only dream of.

My good fortune however didn’t start there. My brother completed the trek 2 years ago and raved about the knowledge, passion and experience of chief guide, Wayne Wetherall of Kokoda Spirit. I couldn’t believe my luck when I learned that the Humpty Foundation had chosen Kokoda Spirit to host the trek and Wayne to lead our group.

Wayne is a WW2 historian with an amazing knowledge of the Kokoda trail and the entire wartime campaign fought by our brave diggers. He brings battlefields to life with his emotional portrayal of campaign events and short services to remember those who fought under the most horrific circumstances to allow us to enjoy the lives we lead today. Emotions ran high in our group with lots of tears flowing during those wonderful services. Those memories will be with me and I’m sure other group members forever.

On the trail, it was very evident as we moved from village to village that Wayne was highly respected by those village communities.
Our porters and support staff were outstanding. Throughout the trek they were on hand to look after our every need and of paramount importance for the porters was our safety. Their attention to detail on slippery descents was incredible…….at the slightest hint of a slip you would feel a hand on your backpack securing your footing – guardian angels indeed. The food was varied, plentiful and of a high standard – it’s hard to believe one can enjoy pizza, donuts and hot chips on this type of expedition. Max our paramedic looked after any medical requirements with aplomb and shared many of his passionate stories of the campaign.

We had a fairly diverse group of individuals that gave Wayne the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to relate really well to people of all ages, backgrounds etc. and he he certainly did that. He displayed a close interest in every member of the group’s journey, looking to ensure they completed the trek safely and in good spirits.

I agree wholeheartedly with my brother’s assertion that you couldn’t wish for a better guide on the Kokoda Trek than Wayne Wetherall and his outstanding team

Kevin McElduff