Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to send an Email to express the gratitude the team and myself had for an exemplary experience.

From the beginning your office provided amazing customer service and patients when dealing with the short notice we gave you.

The trek was an incredible experience and the porters would find new ways of amazing us every day. I think the last night is what brought us to most disbelief when they built a camp ground that had tables and retaining walls in a single day. A

Greg gave us a great insight into the war fought through the trek and I think we all came away with a greater appreciation and a much better understanding of what our troops went through.

We are planning on sending a some HMAS Hobart gear to you mainly hats as a more formal thank you. Would you be able to get some of these out to the boys? And would they like that?

Also if an apology could be passed on to Wayne. I did not realise it was him until after we passed him, otherwise I would have introduced myself and thanked him personally.

Again on behalf of HMAS Hobart thank you so much for what is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. It is clear why Navy chooses to do their Treks with you and I am sure they will into the future.

Nick O’Sullivan
HMAS Hobart