To the whole team at kokoda spirit
I wanted to take the time to truly express my thanks and gratitude for preparing and leading us on an unforgettable journey through the kokoda trail.

I was part of the Paul McNamara group that trecked from the 1.7.17-9.7.17. I must admit, each and every one of us may have had all the gear but truly had no idea what we were in for. Right from the very beginning, from dealing with the team to ensure we were ready and organized; through to take off to the kokoda trail, I felt very well supported. Our Treck lead, sai, Treck master, Frank, and personal porters were absolutely amazing. Our porters ,by far, made the trip the most memorable experience. Aside from never leaving our side and constantly ensuring we were strong, fit and healthy, the way they interacted with the group, joined in on jokes and games and sang as a group along the way, i honestly believe is what kept our spirits so high and got us through.

On top of this spirit, I had to abide by a GF diet on the trip. The amount of effort the boys went to ensuring I had a GF diet every single meal blew me away. Each and every meal was absolutely amazing, tasteful and GF. I could not be more thankful!

Since returning home, I have missed the Treck more and more every single day, and especially missed the whole entire team. I cannot express my thanks more to the kokoda spirit team, especially to Frank and his team of mighty porters. I have recommended the company to all friends and family and will be sure to stick to the spirit for future trecks.