Dear Wayne and the Kokoda Spirit Team,

Walking the track in June with Peter Sergent was an amazing experience. I was walking with two friends to raise money and awareness for an extremely rare and debilitating disease called PSP that my father developed. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is similar to Motor Neurons and Parkinson’s Disease. It is robbing my father of the ability to walk, talk and function normally and eventually it will kill him. We managed to raise a massive $17560 for PSP Australia (Parkinson’s Victoria) and I am so proud to have walked the track for this cause.

Our trek was lead by a group of local boys, Sai, Frank and their team, who though they didn’t say much, were so very caring and helpful. My personal porter Lei Lei really had his work cut out as I am very clumsy to begin with, so when meandering over tree roots and up rock faces he proved his weight in gold. The boys singing, lead by Jimmy, was so beautiful and often was just enough encouragement to make that last climb before we stopped for a break.

Acclimatising to the PNG way of life took some adjustment, and the toilets made us laugh as we quickly learnt to stuff our nostrils with toilet paper before entering. Even with mud soaked legs and aching muscles I loved every minute of it. I will never forget the experience and will cherish it forever.

Thank you,

Sarah Lenane