Hello Team Kokoda Spirit,

I’ve been meaning to send you an email of appreciation for a few weeks since completing my trek on July 7/15th, but have been waiting to let my trip fully sink in.
And to be honest, I don’t know that it ever will.
After returning home from PNG I shared my experience with family and friends.
I found it hard to explain the emotions and intense feelings I was experiencing along the way.
And then a few weeks later I returned to work, and tried to share my trip with colleagues.I am not the most eloquent with words, but I can tell a good yarn.
Kokoda has me stumped though.
I try and tell the kokoda story and my journey with photos but its hard to fully appreciate the gravity of it all through a picture.
In the end I just simply tell people they must go. MUST!
There is no doubt in my mind that my experience was made so very much better because I chose to go with Kokoda Spirit (a family member went with you guys a few years back and she said look no further than Kokoda spirit, so I didn’t).
Our guide was Greg Chamberlain.
I can admit I was apprehensive after my initial introduction with Greg, for no other reason than he was in the army for the majority of his adult life.
I figured this will be very a regimented hike.I couldn’t of been more wrong and simply cannot thank Greg enough for leading us. His military insight and passion for kokoda was an experience within an experience.
His snippets from military diary’s, conversations with diggers, just everything about the way it was presented, still brings a tear to my eye.
Even thinking of it all now, its almost like a dream!
I’ve been there.
I’ve walked in the footsteps of heroes.
And it was Greg who brought it all to life for me, and I will be forever grateful.
Overall I really can’t find many ways that my trip and experience could of been scripted any better.
We had good weather.
The porters blew me away each and every day.
Greg as I have tried to explain.
Even the re-enacters dressed like the 39th battalion that we met along the way… WOW!!
I’m so very very glad my dads cousin told me to choose you guys for the trek, and anyone that will listen is getting the same message from me, so a huge thank you to all your team.
I feel grateful, honored, humbled and very proud of myself for doing the trek and for the men that fought there so that we can continue to lead the lives we have.

We will remember them.

Kind regards

Terry Howe.