Kokoda Back To Back

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 10 Nights
  • Departs: 11/06/2020
  • Arrives: 21/06/2020
  • Price: $2,985
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10 Nights 11 Days Kokoda Back To Back Trek Itinerary

Locally LED $2,985.00


“In the footsteps of heroes”
10 Nights 11 Days Kokoda to Owers’ Corner


Arrival Day

Welcome to PNG and the start of your adventure..no going back now! Settled in to your room and head down to get meet your team and crew at our pre-trek briefing and dinner. Get a good sleep tonight and rest your legs! > Overnight in Port Moresby, Gateway Hotel

Day 1
It’s On – Owers Corner To Iorabaiwa

Your adventure has started! It begins with a visit to the Bomana War Cemetery to pay our respects to the fallen before we commence our drive up to Owers Corner to commence our trek. From Owers Corner we descend down to the Goldie River before climbing up to Goodwater. From Goodwater we climb up and over Imita Ridge and cross Ua Ule Creek 22 times. We then commence our climb up to camp at Iorabaiwa. You’ll be on your feet for around 7 hours today > Overnight at Iorabaiwa

Day 2
Iorabaiwa To Agulogo

Our trek today begins with a climb up and over Iorabaiwa Ridge and down to Ofi creek.
From Ofi Creek we climb up and over the Maguli Range before trekking through the swamp area where we cross the Brown River just before our camp. On our feet for approx. 9 hours today > Overnight at Agulogo

Day 3
Agulogo to efogi

Leaving Agulogo we head along to Efogi today, where we’ll arrive approx 8 hours after our start time. Today our trek includes our first big climb over the Wall before descending down to Menari. From Menari we climb up Brigade Hill commence our trek along the ridgeline before descending down to camp in the Village of Efogi > Overnight in Efogi

Day 4
Big Climb Day – Efogi To Templeton’s Crossing

Another 8 hours on our feet today from Efogi to Templeton’s Crossing. Today is a challenging trekking day as we have a tough climb up to Efogi1 before a very steep descent and a tough climb up to Naduri. From Naduri we commence our climb up Mt Bellamy and across the highest point of the track at 2186m. We then descend down to Templeton’s crossing into camp > Overnight at Templeton’s Crossing

Day 5
Templeton’s Crossing To Isurava

It will take us around 7 hours to trek from Templeton’s to Isurava today. From Templeton’s crossing we continue a long up and down trek along the ridgeline before we cross Eora Creek and commence our climb up to Alola and onto Isurava Battlefields. We overnighting at the Battle site > Overnight in Isurava

Day 6
Halway – Isurava To Kokoda

The last day of our travel in this direction before we turn around and trek back to Port Moresby. Today we descend down through the Isurava Village then onto Deniki and Hoi where we enjoy a refreshing swim. We then have a reasonably flat and fast trek to Kokoda..
At Kokoda we inspect the Battlefields before returning to our camp. You’re officially half way through the challenge! Save some of your energy, you have some of the biggest days of the trek ahead of you > Overnight in Kokoda

Day 7
Turnaround Time – Kokoda To Isurava

Back to Isurava and around 6 hours travel time today. This morning we commence our return journey back to Owers Corner with our trek through Hoi and Deniki and climb up to Isurava > Overnight in Isurava

Day 8
Isurava To Templeton’s Crossing

From Isurava we climb up to the Village of Alola before making our way along the Ridgeline to Eora creek. From Eora creek we have a tough climb up to camp at Templeton’s Crossing > Overnight at Templeton’s Crossing

Day 9
Biggest Day Yet – Templeton’s To Menari Village

We’ll be covering some big kms today and will arrive at our destination within approx 10 hours. Our trek today has us climbing to the highest point of the track on Mt Bellamy at 2186m and along the ridgeline before a steep descent into the village of Naduri.
From Naduri we continue our trek down to Efogi before our climb up to Brigade Hill.
From Brigade Hill we descend down to the Village of Menari…you’ll sleep well tonight! > Overnight at Menari Village

Day 10
Menari To Iorabaiwa

Hopefully your feet are doing ok! Our final big day, another 10 hours on our feet, as we depart Menari to arrive at Iorabaiwa Village. Today we trek up and over the wall before trekking through the swamp area and up over the Maguli range to Ofi creek. From Ofi creek we have a short sharp climb up the ridgeline before descending down to camp at Iorabaiwa Village > Overnight at Iorabaiwa Village

Day 11
Nearly There – Iorabaiwa To Owers Corner

This is it, you’re almost there. A double crossing of Kokoda is epic! 6 hours after we head off from Iorabaiwa we arrive back into our initial starting point at Owers Corner in Port Moresby. Our trek today descends down to Ua Ule creek with its 22 river crossings before a tough climb up and over Imita ridge. From the base of Imita ridge we continue trekking through Goodwater and onto Goldie Creek. After a refreshing swim we commence the last climb up to Owers Corner. After soaking up the atmosphere of our epic adventure we commence our drive back to our hotel…you’ll be glad for a hot shower, a beer and a good bed tonight! > Overnight in Port Moresby, Gateway Hotel

Departure Day

Today we depart Port Moresby for home and time to give your legs a well deserved rest! Trekking Kokoda is a huge challenge, let along doing it twice in one trip! Be proud of your achievement, remember it forever and we hope to see you back here again!