Trekking Gear Checklist

We can supply your trekking, camping and hydration needs.



  • There is no where along the Track to get access to medications
  • If travelling with friends or as part of a group you may be able to share some of the creams/lotions.
  • Please check your ‘What’s Included and What’s Not’ list
  • This list is our recommendation of what to take
1Roll on deodorant (odorless recommended)
2Rolls of toilet paper
1Wet ones
2Small soaps (small soaps are best in case you lose one in the fast flowing rivers)
Ladies hygiene products
2Antibacterial Hand Gel
170-75 litre (minimum) backpack
You do not need a daypack if you are carrying your own pack
12 person tent (included in Australian Led Treks)
1Groundsheet (big enough to go under your tent)
13 leg stool (optional)
1Sleeping bag (0 to +5 rating)
1Self inflating mattress or foam roll
1Pillow (optional)
1-2Walking poles – this is essential
1Head Torch (and spare batteries)
1Deep plate (big enough for cereal and dinner)
1Mug (not glass)
1Knife / Fork / Spoon
2Dry bags or waterproof bags for clothing
Water - need minimum of 3 litres
(Your choice of water bottles or water bladder, you will need easy access to bottles)
1Water drink bottles
Camera, spare batteries, disposable camera, battery packs
 Medications as Prescribed by your Doctor
(Anti malaria, antibiotics for wounds and infections, anti inflammatory, anti vomiting, epi-pen
Gastrolyte (must have)
1TREK FUEL (available from Kokoda Spirit)
1Headache Tablets
1Strong Pain Relief
1Diarrhea Tablets
1Travel Calm Tablets
1Anti-Inflammatory medications (eg. Ibrofen, Voltaren, Nurofen)
1Antihistamines (e.g. Telfast, Phenergan 10mg)
1pktBlister Pads (optional)
2Roll of strapping tape (finely woven)
smallVaseline (blisters)
2 pktsLarge size band-aids (cloth type)
1Foot fungi powder - Resolve (Johnson baby powder also works well)
1Antiseptic lotion/cream (e.g. Paraderm Plus, Betadine, Bepanthen)
1Papaw ointment
1Stop Itch/Stingoes cream (for bites)
1Small packet of tissues
2Insect repellent
(We suggest ‘Bushman Plus’ – always keep it on)
2 pktsWater purification tablets (essential)
For every dayMunchies (muesli bars, lollies, beef jerky, protein bars etc.)
1Walking boots and spare boot laces
1Sandals – adventure style with good grip and covered toes and
1Long cotton pants or equivalent and long shirt / thermal (for night
1Rain jacket
2Shirts for trekking/sleeping
1‘Skins’ style sports clothing shorts – (2XU sports wear optional)
(Highly recommended, great to reduce chafing)
2Walking shorts or walking pants and sleeping
Swimwear (for rivers and hotel)
4Pairs of woolen hiking style socks
3Comfortable underwear / bras (micro-fibre recommended)
1Gaiters (optional)
1Hat / cap / bandana
2Microfiber Towels
1Face washers (to dry feet during the day)
 Diary and pen
Playing cards
Large zip lock bags (for personal items, clothes, lollies)
Approx. 400 Kina (PNG money) for drinks and/or fruit on the track
if needed.
(Sometimes villages sell ‘bilum bags’ to trekkers, they cost approx K60-K100
Take small change e.g. K5 and K10 notes)