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Kokoda Spirit Staff, Guides, Porters and Carriers

Kokoda Spirit is the largest employee of PNG Guides, Carriers and Porters on the Kokoda Trail.

Our business is registered in Australia as Kokoda Spirit Pty Ltd and we are registered with the PNG Internal Revenue Commissionin PNG as Kokoda Spirit PNG Limited.

We operate within the laws and requirements of both countries and pay our tax in both Australia and PNG.

Our PNG employees are registered with the PNG Internal Revenue Commission for income tax.

This ensures they are covered for tax and superannuation benefits.

We do not sub contract out our logistics in PNG to third party organisations.

We are proud to be an Australian and PNG registered and based company that employs locals and generates real benefits for PNG.

Our locally based PNG Guideswere born or raised along the Kokoda Track corridor or Northern Beaches areas and are all qualified, trained and English speaking.

Naturally they have an intimate knowledge of the track and can show our trekkers things that you wouldn’t otherwise discover.

We are proud to employ locals and provide income, training and a career to the local people of the Kokoda Trail.

Our PNG Guides are professionally trained in first aid, food preparation, river crossings, risk management and trekker safety.

Our PNG Guides and Senior PNG Staff all go through a rigorous training process, which includes track first aid at the start of every trekking season.

A fully qualified Paramedic Trainer provides this training.

We also have access to our specialist Wilderness Nurse who can assist with porter health.

Our Porters and Carriers are also briefed and resourced with knowledge and equipment to allow them to work in a healthy environment.

We provide group porter medical kits

We pay camp site fees for each of our porters

We pay camp site fees for each of our portersEach trek has a trained first aid porter who carries a porter medical kit

Each trek has a professionally trained rope and river-crossing specialist.

Each trek has trained cooks and camp staff that supply, prepare and cook our Porters hearty and healthy meals.

We pay our Trek Guides and Porters well above the industry average and well above the recommended amount specified by the Kokoda Track Authority.

Our Porters and Guides are on an upwards sliding pay scale from General Porter through too Senior Trek Master. We promote from within giving each porter the possibility of advancing his career.

Our Porters carry less than the specified weight recommended by the Kokoda Track authority and less than the International Porters code. Our Porters carry between 12 -20kgs.The maximum weight our Porters carry on day one of their trek is 20kgs. Our Porters weight is re distributed each day ensuring their pack weights are reduced by a minimum of 2.5 kgs each day.

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) approved weight for porters/carriers is 22.5kg.

We pay for Porter flights/transport to and from the Kokoda track or we pay them a walk back wage plus supply them food or food money for the walk.

We supply camping equipment, sleeping mat and sleeping bag and uniform for our staff.

Our porters and guides do not walk at night as this is an unacceptable risk to our employees and trekkers.