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Laura Dundovic& Erin Holland Walk Kokoda With Kokoda Spirit…

They rose to fame after being crowned national titles in beauty pageants.
But former Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic and former Miss World Australia Erin Holland decided to ditch their high heels for hiking boots and take on the Kokoda Track.


LauraDundovic 27, and Erin Holland, 26, recently embarked on a life changing trekking trip through Papua New Guinea’s renowned Kokoda Track guided by adventurer, founder and owner of Kokoda Spirit Wayne Wetherall and his team of trekking experts.

Dundovic and former Miss Universe Australia Erin Holland completed the gruelling 96km trek in just eight days.

“It is an incredible experience and probably one of the most amazing things I’ve done in my life,” Dundovic, 27, said.
“We didn’t look glamorous at all. It is pretty intense trekking, we were doing about 4km to an hour which is pretty full-on.

“There was a little bit of whinging here and there but we coped pretty well.”

The Kokoda Track, where Australians famously fought the Japanese in WWII, generally takes between four and 12 days to walk, with the fastest recorded time of 16 hours and 34 minutes.

But no doubt the physical challenges have delivered some rewards for the stunners, as they are also seen posing for cute selfies and mingling with the locals.

According to the website of Do Kokoda, the program Laura and Erin joined for their trek, Kokoda ‘remains a powerful reminder of Australia’s and PNG’s shared history, teaching Australians young and old the true meaning of courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice’.

The website also says Laura, who recently returned from the South African jungle after appearing on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, was motivated to pursue the adventure for two reasons.

It was ‘firstly to challenge herself physically on a trek more commonly completed by men’ and ‘secondly, to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather Sir Thomas Blamey, the controversial Commander and Chief of Australian forces in the Kokoda campaign’.

Meanwhile Erin’s thirst for adventure and new experiences made her the perfect trekking companion for Laura, the pair both pushed to their limits physically and emotionally after visiting the various battle sites.

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