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Our Australian Guides

We can give you options to the style of Australian Guide you would prefer with an incredibly diverse outlook and experience with life.

Our Australian Guides range from Military men that have served in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Timor and Somalia.

Our other Australian guides are specialist Teachers, Business and Community Leaders, Fitness and Health Coaches that love to share their knowledge of the history and culture of the Kokoda Track.

Our Australian Guides are very experienced with numerous Kokoda crossings and our Managing Director Wayne Wetherall has trekked Kokoda in excess of 85 times and has led and facilitated more than 100 expeditions including Kokoda, Borneo, Nepal and Kilimanjaro.

Kokoda Spirit supports and large range of Charities and Foundations with raising funds and awareness for their causes. This assistance ranges from direct contributions, discounted treks, free of Charge treks and multimedia promotions of the Charity.

Our Porters carry between 12 -20kgs. The maximum weight our Porters carry on their trek is 20kgs

Wayne Wetherall

Hello, I am Wayne Wetherall and I am the founder and owner of Kokoda Spirit.
I started in the adventure business in 2004 to follow my passion in seeing others achieve, inspire and challenge themselves. So far …we have seen over 8900 trekkers successfully cross the track!

John Titmus

I am an active member of Alexandra Headland Surf Club and a Masters Surfboat rower.
I have had two Great Uncles that served in PNG during WW2.
I first trekked Kokoda in 2009 and became inspired by the story of Kokoda.

Luke Ingold

The challenge of the Kokoda track drew me here in 2012, and it was on this trip were I fell in love with the rich history and the people along the track.
I am passionate about Kokoda, our history, the people of the track and their rich culture and heritage.
The opportunity to take those seeking adventure on a bucket list trip and share the history and also their stories along the way in itself is an uplifting experience for me personally. 

Cam McNeil

With over 25 years of experience as a senior investigator and intelligence analyst with the Queensland Police Service, Cam has extensive experience in team leadership and risk management.

As the grandson of an original ANZAC and the nephew of a 2/22nd Battalion Veteran who fought with Lark Force

Amy Cherry

My first Kokoda Spirit trek was an almost spiritual, life changing experience that opened my eyes to the inspiring events that occurred in 1942.
As a primary school teacher, the opportunity to guide groups has sparked my enthusiasm and desire to better educate young Australians about the commitment made by those who defended our country, and to honour the courageous ones who gave their lives on the Kokoda trail.

Anthony Thompson

I initially completed the Kokoda track for charity in 2013 and it was such an incredible experience I always knew I would go back.

When the opportunity came up to guide groups of like-minded adventurers across the unique track, I jumped at the chance.

Greg Chamberlain

I served as an Infantryman in the Australian Regular Army for over 35 years including operational service in South Vietnam and Somalia finishing my career as a Warrant Officer Class 1 (W O 1).
Since my discharge in late 2004 I have worked in the Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor.

Craig Thomson

I served full time as an Infantryman in the New Zealand Army and the Australian Army for 23 years including operational service in East Timor and Afghanistan Warrant Officer 2 (W O 2) and am now a serving Army Reservist.
I became involved with the Kokoda Track through another veteran mate and was humbled by the location and the people while enjoying the opportunity to just let go of the concerns of modern lifestyle. With my military background and my passion for military history, I endeavour to bring the experiences that the WW2 Diggers faced to life through not just the stories but by providing the finer detail.

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer is a firefighter from Melbourne and a co-founder of the charity Cam’s Cause. 

The Charity was formed in honour of his best mate and fallen Commando Cameron Baird VC, MG, Australia’s 100th Victoria Cross recipient.
Cam’s Cause raises money to support Soldier welfare.

Both of Chris’ grandfathers fought in PNG during WW2 in airfield protection and also on the Kokoda Track.

Darren Savickas

I first completed the Kokoda Track in 2009 & was both humbled & inspired by the experience & the significance of the Kokoda campaign to Australia’s history. I regard the Kokoda Track as a great physical & mental challenge & as being uniquely Australian & love taking the journey with people who have committed themselves to completing it.

Brian Healey

Brian has a history of playing elite level tennis and coaching professional sports people. Brian is an active member coach at Umina Beach Surf Club, along with his wife and three children. Brian started his journey with Kokoda Spirit in 2008 and over the past seven years has led many successful treks. Brian has great respect for the history of our past servicemen.

Max Bernstone

To date to many treks to remember over the Owen Stanley’s with Kokoda Spirit, Starting in 2008 after 18yrs as a professional lifeguard. Took time away from the track to complete my paramedic qualifications and as a senior medical response trainer delivering a variety of programs to mine rescue teams etc, throughout Australia and PNG.

Peter Sergeant

Having a father in the Airforce in Darwin during WW2, an Uncle who fought in Milne Bay and other Pacific Theatres in WW2, and a Grandfather who fought in the Somme in WW1, I share the passion of the other Kokoda Spirit Guides to remember and acknowledge those who have placed themselves in harms way for our way of life.

Steve Mackie

When I am not on the track, I reside in Perth Western Australia with my wife of 32 years and 2 Daughters I have a Plastering business and a keen interest in Fishing and Persinal Fitness.
My Grandfather was a member of the 2/28th Battalion and served in North Africa, PNG and Borneo.

Bernie Victory

Bernie Victory first trekked Kokoda in 2004 and has returned pretty much every year since. In that time he has seen a steady change in Australia’s understanding of the history of the Track and in conditions on the Track itself.

Susan Blinkhoff

I grew up in Port Moresby, PNG – and have since always had a deep love and connection to the country. I did all of my schooling in Port Moresby, and used to ride my horses past Bomana War Cemetery as a kid, not really having much of an understanding or appreciation of what happened – as Kokoda wasn’t taught at schools.

Shane Moloney

In 2007, I was drawn to Kokoda and found the experience so uplifting; it was to change my life forever. I feel extremely privileged to be in a position where I can not only add value to peoples lives but often share a life changing experience, this is very humbling to me.