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There is a natural compulsion for great business leaders and dynamic individuals to strive higher and harder to achieve and create their dreams and goals, they visualise their goal, they churn the ether with great intent to engineer the outcome they what.

But most people only dream of achievement – It is extremely important to galvanize your dreams into goals, with the necessary energy behind it and with the magic of the mind, the desired goal will manifest its self.

The Kokoda track provides one of the most dynamic environment for inspiring people to blue print and mentally scope out there plans to achieve.

It’s about pushing out the boundaries that you have worked under to date and transforming yourself into the real you – the brave soul who overcome all the obstacles and chased down a dream..

If you are ready to go from good to great as they say, there is no better back drop in my opinion to crystalize this than the Kokoda track, it is simply amazing!.

Sporting teams and individual sportsmen who have walk this iconic track absorbing the history and the sacrifice and paying their respects to the diggers are truly in awe of what they did.

But those who pay the ultimate respect to the diggers are the ones who make themselves better people, transforming themselves for the better and defining there life’s goal. There is no better to honor our heroes.’

It’s very powerful and personal stuff, it’s physically demanding and its tough but the positive change is very real and has seen plenty of elite sports people quickly reach their goals.

By selecting some of your best people in any corporate, sporting or business field and investing in their personal development and experiencing the epic journey that is Kokoda it will take them to new levels.

At Kokoda Spirit we love to work with like-minded corporate teams, business owners and their teams, sporting teams and athletes who are serious about being the best they can be.

So call us today on 1800 565 362 for a chat and discuss your thoughts with our experienced and friendly staff.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Wetherall

Kokoda Spirit