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Wayne Wetherall Talks About The History Of Kokoda

Wayne talks about some of the most moving places and influential heroes of Kokoda, a real in site into some of the most amazing and dedicated men of the Kokoda Track.

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The Most Amazing Kokoda Video You Will Ever Watch 

My Great Uncle was a Wing Commander shot down during the campaign over New Britain and the emotion I felt with Greg our Australian Guide for Kokoda Spirit allowing me to honour him on Mt Bellamy, was indescribable. (Thanks to Bart Emerton on one of our July Treks for this outstanding production.)

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39th Battalion Hero’s To The End

‘What Happened To Uncle Sam’


A brief in regards to the final fate of Captain Samuel Templeton and six other ranks captured between 26-29th of July 1942 and executed at Old 15th August 1942.
Carl Johnson Compiler: Mud & Blood- Revisited
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Explore The Original Kokoda Trail


An epic journey and inspirational story.
Achieve something extraordinary.
Walking Kokoda is Empowering and Life Changing.

Kokoda Spirit is Australia’s and PNG’s most respected and professional company trekking across the original War Time Kokoda Trail.

We have been operating in PNG since 2004 escorting over 7500 trekkers safely in the footsteps of heroes across Kokoda

Choose A Guide To Suit Your Needs


At Kokoda Spirit we give your options to the style of Australian Guide you would like to lead your trek. Military Men, Teachers, Business & Community Leaders, Fitness & Health Coaches, all who have passion and great knowledge of the history and culture of the Kokoda Track.
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Our Kokoda Spirit Porters

  • Bartz was so proud of his village, Efogi when we walked in. This is him pointing to his village from the track. Saved my arse more than once, amazing human. Glenn
  • Billy and I, can’t thank him enough for his kindness and help along the track ,a true gentleman and angel ,an amazing experience that lives with me every day .I hope he and his family are all well . Terry
  • Henry!!! Made me feel like royalty Kirrilee
  • The spirit lives on good onya guys. Nev  
  • They were all wonderful fellas and we won’t ever forget how well they looked after us Michelle
  • God bless those beautiful men who helped our men a debt we can never repay. Debbie
  • My friend Ron Koko for making this the most amazing experience and sharing his heart and soul, friendship and knowledge, culture and language….as well as dragging me up every hill! Thanks Ambo…I am forever grateful! Jo
  • My man Joe. Man of not many words but looked after me big time. Phil
  • Extraordinary men is an understatement for the PNG porters on the Kokoda track, my porter Pauly was a legend all the way, saved my ass on many slippery slopes.  Mark
  • Stuart saved me tooo many times to mention after dislocating my shoulder on day three and getting me to the end… they are all legends. Jo
  • I did the trek in May this year and my personal porter was Jeremi! He made me feel so safe and held my hand when it was really steep or slippery. I couldn’t have done it without him! Bel
  • Benzie was my personal porter and security blanket and John Burrows was so caring, they were all legends Jen
  • P.J. literally half dragged or pushed me over every single hill on that track. Not to mention caught me on every single fall I had down hill. He allowed me to look up and see the beauty of PNG, and to top it all off let me have the...
  • My amazing porter James, I love that man. Saved me every single day. De
  • That finished feeling and nothing but gratitude for literally saving my arse every single day. Xx Alyssa
  • My Porter was John Bula.  He was amazing and so helpful, if it wasn’t for him I doubt whether I would have made it through. Richard
  • I did the trek 10 years ago with your company. he wasn’t my porter but he was very kind and helpful and very easy to talk to. I will ways remember him. Sue
  • Great to have Big Willie looking after me. Was great to get up and put warm dry clothes on every morning. I can’t remember how many times he saved my arse Matt
  • I would have made it down the range the quick but wrong way if it wasn’t for Sai. Alex
  • He looked after my then 14 year old son every second of the trek in ways above and beyond. It was a huge relief to me to have Max taking care of Mikey Briony
  • Gibson was always by my side, holding my hand or watching me. Like my guardian angel. Kelly
  • He was my saviour on many occasions. Cam
  • Martos was just incredible. I called him “the hand of god” because he seemed to know the right time to reach out for me and stop me sliding all over the shop. He showed patience and guidance. And it was because of his amazing nature, he was the person I...
  • Noel was the stand-out for me. right along-side him would be Wayne Asena, Kennet, Steven, John, Junior, Mobe, Paul, Kevin, Bug, Mado, Esco and Savox. Gods amongst men. Mark
  • Bartz was so proud of his village, Efogi when we walked in. This is him pointing to his village from the track. Saved my arse more than once, amazing human. Glenn  
  • I’ve had some rippers but this little bloke “Roger” looked after my daughter and that made my life a lot easier. Steve
  • The bond created with your porter is a memory that will last forever.  Good on you Sam. Kevin
  • It didn’t matter where you were or if your porter was in front or behind there was always one of them they. The silent angels doing what they do best helping the Aussie get across the track. 😍 Mal
  • When you’re doing the world’s easiest water crossing but your porter still insists on carrying your day pack! Love you Inara! You certainly had your work cut out for you but you were amazing!!! Tania
  • Max was a beast on the trek and a legend to be around! Defs one of my favourite people I’ve met and friends that I’ve made. Mikey


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Kurt Fearnley talks about his Kokoda trek with Kokoda Spirit and Kokoda Spirit Owner Wayne Wetherall.

“He immediately impressed me with his drive and energy, and was clearly tremendously passionate about Kokoda, it’s history and its legacy”
“One thing I do know if I did return to Kokoda it would be with Wayne and Kokoda Spirit”
(Kurt did return to Kokoda for Anzac Day 2015 at Isurava)
“He had taken the time to listen, to look and talk to me in the lead-up to this amazing adventure”
“He had invested the time in getting to know me and even been in New York to support me in the marathon”
“It is amazing the power that comes from one person showing unreserved belief in another”
“That is what Wayne did for me, without him I could not have undertaken the Kokoda Track”


Laura Dundovic & Erin Holland Walk Kokoda

Former Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic and former Miss World Australia Erin Holland decided to ditch their high heels for hiking boots and take on the Kokoda Track. Watch their adventure unfold.

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Kokoda To Owers Itinerary

Wayne Wetherall, owner & Chief Guide of Kokoda Spirit takes you through the itinerary of trekking Kokoda from Kokoda To Owers Corner

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Kokoda Spirit FAQ’s

Wayne Wetherall answers our most frequently asked questions about the Kokoda Track.

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Our exclusive electrolyte, energy, carb, adventure, go hard, go often, smack it out of the park drink was created to fuel explorers and adventurers…

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Take the Challenge & Trek to Everest Base Camp with Wild Spirit Adventures

Challenge & Trek to Everest Base Camp

The ultimate challenge of Everest Base Camp trek offers breath taking mountain panoramas, if you like to walk then this is one of the most inspiring places in the world to do it. To walk in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay and the many other climbers is an incredible experience.

Adventurers and trekkers have been fascinated and captivated by this goliath of a mountain and the most popular trek in the Himalayas is Everest Base Camp.

To stand at Everest Base Camp and view Mt Everest is an emotional, spiritual and mystical experience. The power and energy of Everest is intoxicating and you will be in awe of the size and majesty of the world’s greatest mountain.

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Experience the Sandakan Death March & The Wonders of Borneo with Wild Spirit Adventures

Experience the Sandakan Death March

Sabah Borneo has some of the World’s greatest adventures including the infamous Sandakan Death March. Immerse yourself in an ecological treasure that is breathtaking, serene and thrilling. Whatever your mood, you have paradise in the palm of your hand in Sabah, the adventure land of eco-treasures.

So whatever excites or fascinates you, your children or friends, from mountain climbing, jungle trekking, wildlife safaris, white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, diving, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, tennis or golf, Sabah promises excitement to fulfil every adventurers and sporting persons wishes and dreams.

Sabah Borneo is also the place to experience the culture of this wonderful place, with traditional longhouses and village stays, exotic cuisine, traditional festive celebrations and the incredible “tamu” or local market place shopping experience. Sabah is also home to some amazing, unique and fascinating animals, including the incredible Borneo Elephants, Orang Utan, and Proboscis monkeys.

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92.7 Mix FM’s Todd & Caroline Trek Kokoda

Todd & Caroline from 92.7 Mix FM have just finished trekking Kokoda For ANZAC Day 2018 in aid of the ‘Give me 5 For Kids’. Join them next year as they trek and experience Sandakan Borneo.

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Owers To Kokoda Itinerary

Wayne Wetherall, owner & Chief Guide of Kokoda Spirit takes you through the itinerary of trekking Kokoda from Owers Corner To Kokoda.

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12 Red Hot Tips

Wayne Wetherall Managing Director Of Kokoda Spirit Gives You 12 Red Hot Tips For Trekking Kokoda.

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Our EXCLUSIVE Online, PERSONALISED Kokoda Training Program…

Prepare yourself for this Life Changing event with a training program fitted to your needs. Structure, feedback and motivation will make you a stronger…

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