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The Kokoda Spirit

Is it courage, sacrifice, endurance, selflessness, mateship or something else?

I have listened to great men speak; I have read many wonderful books and watched inspirational documentaries seeking inspiration.

For my inspiration is close at hand, the legends of Kokoda, the men who saved Australia the Kokoda Spirit is contagious.

It will inspire you as well.

When you walk the Kokoda Trail with all its obstacles and challenges you feel the aura and spirit of the young men who defeated an enemy, an enemy who had never been conquered, an enemy that had never tasted defeat, they overcame overwhelming odds and atrocious conditions, outnumbered and out gunned their victory was possible due to their trust and respect for each other, their dependence on each other, their ability to never give up, to hang in there when all seemed lost, self belief and strong leadership.

TO WALK IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF HEROES, TO WALK IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF OUR BROTHERS is a heady experience, it is an experience a turning point that blows away our preconceived limitations of our physical ability, endurance and reminds us that the human spirit and our boundaries are only limited by our ability to dream and believe.

Our Australian Soldiers retained their faith that they would prevail and win against the Japanese in the end, regardless of the difficulties. They did this by confronting the most brutal facts of their current situation, whatever that may be.

I have a simple saying or belief on what the word SPIRIT means to me. Perhaps you may want to reflect on this or insert your own.

S spirituality, (what you believe in)

P perseverance, persistence, presence (to be there to assist or give support)

I initiative

R respect, resilience responsibility

I integrity

T tenacity, teamwork

The Kokoda Spirit is many things to many people. To me it is confronting the brutal facts of our situation and knowing that we will succeed.

It is turning the impossible into the possible, it is coming to terms with our spirituality, religion or our inner belief and feelings. It is being present for our family, friends and community, allowing time to share and experience relationships.

It is also perseverance and persistence, never giving up, no matter how impossible it seems or how difficult the task. You never know how close you are to success.

It is showing initiative to make the best of a difficult situation, doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal or objective. It is having resilience to carry on when situations become difficult.

It is about the ability of the human body to push past its perceived limitations and achieve greater outcomes.

The Kokoda Spirit is also about integrity, keeping your word, not letting your mates, family or others down. The Spirit is also about tenacity to keep going to stick at it and also teamwork, supporting your family, mates and team, not letting anyone or yourself down.

There are a number of other words and thought that reflect the Australian Spirit here are just a few.


A Larrikin approach, humour, no matter what the situation, desperate or solemn

Irreverence, ingenuity, trust, loyalty.