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Kokoda Spirit is fighting a rearguard action to stave off a voracious enemy

Kokoda Spirit is fighting a rear guard action to stave off a voracious enemy.

Despite the recent negative publicity trekkers flock to Kokoda to walk in the footsteps of heroes.

Embodied with the Spirit of the Diggers that have gone before them, they are determined to honour the legend and legacy of our Kokoda heroes.

Walking Kokoda is a truly inspiring, empowering, humbling and life changing experience.

Trekking Kokoda and tourism in general in PNG is really about the people of PNG they are such wonderful people.Kokoda and Tourism in general is their opportunity for them to build their own businesses, to become self sufficient to dream and succeed.

Tourism empowers the people allowing them to educate, feed their families seek proper medical care and put clothes on their kids back.

We have an obligation to support our PNG mates and brothers who so bravely served beside our boys back in 1942.

PNG is an awesome place… It truly is one of the world’s last frontiers.

Stand up and fight for our PNG Brothers, now is the time to pay back our debt to them. PNG and the descendants of the brave Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels need our support.