I’m a member of a group that recently completed one of your treks and wanted to provide some feedback.
Trepidation is probably how best to describe my lead up. I’m now 18 months post surgery from a double hip replacement. I had trained hard but you never are too sure how these things will go.
My 14 year old son was part of the group too.
To say that our experience was awesome does not adequately describe how good the trek was and how glad I am that I tackled this and was able to share it with Griffin.
Darren Savickas was the perfect person to lead the tour. He is knowledgeable and passionate about the track and the history but he also reads people and has an instinct for how best to guide each individual when times are tough. I am the OIC of the Fire Stations in the Perth CBD and know a bit about leadership. Darren is a great leader.
Five of us from Perth joined the group that ended up with fifteen hikers. I believe the group dynamic was strengthened by meeting new people. There is a bond between us that I will cherish forever.
The porters? Graydon led his crew wonderfully and I am constantly amazed at what they did for us. They were sensational.
I would happily recommend the trek and Kokoda Spirit to anyone considering taking it on.
Approaching 50 and with artificial hips I guess I had enough doubts. I’ve never been so glad that I took on a challenge and am so proud to have met it. I remain in awe of what the soldiers did in 1942.

AL Crossman
Perth WA