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Morgan Critchley

Hi there,

I am currently on the flight back home to Australia from PNG after hiking the Kokoda trail with Kokoda Spirit. I was a teacher with the Anglican school group.

I wanted to send an email highlighting how impressed I was with how smoothly the trek ran. I truely believe that comes down to the trek master, Eddie Jnr and the Buna boys.
Eddie was absolutely amazing. Each day was well organised and the trip as a whole completely exceeded my expectations. I don’t believe I would have had the same wonderful experience had we’d been given a different Trek Master and porters.

Eddie and the Buna boys were so efficient, hard working, professional and most importantly friendly. They spent time getting to know us and as a result many wonderful friendships were formed and many jokes were shared, which made the experience truely unforgettable. We walked past many other companies while trekking and it didn’t appear like other trekkers had the same relationships with their porters. I feel so very grateful. Each day they woke up with a heap of energy and enthusiasm and sang their way through the trek.

My personal porter, Nigel, really went above and beyond. He never left my side the entire trip and really was a Guardian angel. I don’t think I could have finished it without him.

I wanted to send this email as I believe it’s important that Eddie and the boys get the recognition they deserve. It is because of them that I can’t wait to do it all again with Kokoda Spirit, and I will definitely be requesting them!!!! You’ve got a great bunch there.

Kind Regards,

Morgan Critchley