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Colonel Travis Gordon

G’day Wayne,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the time it has taken me to write this message. I have been busy, but that is no excuse really. The reality is that I’m just no good at managing my time.

Up front, our experience with Kokoda Spirit was fantastic from start to finish. The advice provided in the lead up, including the easy to follow documentary requirements, made our preparation so simple. Your reception in Port Moresby and the flexibility you showed to adjust things when some of our team were delayed due to flights was outstanding.

Once on the track, our experience continued to exceed our expectations. The porters were absolutely amazing. They were unobtrusive but always close by to lend a hand when the terrain became difficult to navigate. When we were fatigued and forgot to bring our boots or clothing in, they grabbed it every time and made sure it was as dry as possible the next morning.

The food they prepared was exceptional. Friends of mine have complained about the quality and quantity of food when they have walked the track with other companies. Our experience was the complete opposite, with more than enough food provided at every opportunity. And the way the cooks produced different options every day was unbelievable (the fried bananas were my favorite).

The way you and your team managed the extraction when one of our team injured their knee was excellent. You provided every opportunity for them to continue, but when the decision was made, their withdrawal was handled professionally and with no fuss. When they returned to Port Moresby, your team there provided excellent advice and management, staying with them throughout the medical process and supporting their eventual movement back to Australia.

As a guide, you were simply fantastic. You provided thorough and detailed information and analysis of the history of the Kokoda campaign, but without it feeling like we were in a university lecture. Your knowledge of the local people and the your clear affinity with your porters added to our understanding and enjoyment of the whole trek.

Walking the track is an amazing experience, but it was made that much better because of the Kokoda Spirit team. For others considering trekking Kokoda, I cannot recommend Kokoda Spirit strongly enough.

Kind regards,

Colonel Travis Gordon

Colonel Travis Gordon