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Tip 4 – Fluid Intake

Fluid intake on the track is crucial to your well-being.
Make sure you use water purification tablets or some other form of sterilisation in your water.
The water on Kokoda is plentiful and clean but it is essential that you sterilise all water.


You, will sweat like you have never sweated before, so fluid intake is vital. Everybody has different fluid needs so listen to your body and drink before necessary.

It is very important to make sure that you replace your electrolytes to prevent suffering from Hypernatremia or dehydration.
Hypernatremia is a situation when you displace the sodium levels in your body caused through the excessive consumption of fluid and through excessive perspiration. Moderating fluids and making sure that you have adequate electrolyte replacements can avoid this.

We highly recommend TREK FUEL It is important that you carry a water bottle specifically for your electrolytes. You want to keep your water bladder just for drinking water.