Adventurer, businessman, founder, head guide and owner of life changing and empowering adventure and leadership companies, Kokoda Spirit, Kokoda Xtreme and Wild Spirit Adventures. Wayne Wetherall is also the founder and race director for the Kokoda Ultra Marathon and the incredibly challenging Kokoda Coast to Coast Challenge.

I am an active member of Alexandra Headland Surf Club and a Masters Surfboat rower.
I have had two Great Uncles that served in PNG during WW2.
I first trekked Kokoda in 2009 and became inspired by the story of Kokoda.

In 2007, I was drawn to Kokoda and found the experience so uplifting; it was to change my life forever. I feel extremely privileged to be in a position where I can not only add value to peoples lives but often share a life changing experience, this is very humbling to me.

Kokoda is a very significant journey for me one which I am extremely passionate about and connected to. I have walked Kokoda twice previously in memory of my two precious boys, Koda 4 and Hunter 9 months who were tragically taken from me in Jan 2016. Koda was named after the Kokoda trail after his great grandfather served in the 2/27th Battalion in 1942.

The challenge of the Kokoda track drew me here in 2012, and it was on this trip were I fell in love with the rich history and the people along the track.
I am passionate about Kokoda, our history, the people of the track and their rich culture and heritage.
The opportunity to take those seeking adventure on a bucket list trip and share the history and also their stories along the way in itself is an uplifting experience for me personally. 

With over 25 years of experience as a senior investigator and intelligence analyst with the Queensland Police Service, Cam has extensive experience in team leadership and risk management.

As the grandson of an original ANZAC and the nephew of a 2/22nd Battalion Veteran who fought with Lark Force

Dion Taylor is an Adventure Specialist qualified and accredited Sports Personal Development Trainer, with over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Dion has a vast knowledge of the Kokoda Campaign and talks passionately and personally about the men that fought on Kokoda.

My first Kokoda Spirit trek was an almost spiritual, life changing experience that opened my eyes to the inspiring events that occurred in 1942.
As a primary school teacher, the opportunity to guide groups has sparked my enthusiasm and desire to better educate young Australians about the commitment made by those who defended our country, and to honour the courageous ones who gave their lives on the Kokoda trail.

Embodied with the Spirit of the Diggers that have gone before them, they are determined to honour the legend and legacy of our Kokoda heroes. Walking Kokoda is a truly inspiring, empowering, humbling and life changing experience. Trekking Kokoda and tourism in general in PNG is really about the people of PNG they are such wonderful people.

I initially completed the Kokoda track for charity in 2013 and it was such an incredible experience I always knew I would go back.

When the opportunity came up to guide groups of like-minded adventurers across the unique track, I jumped at the chance.

The attack on the trek in Morobe province last week was a terrible event – infinitely more terrible, of course, for the two Papua New Guinean guides who were killed, and for their families, than for the Australian trekkers, who escaped with lacerations and bruises.

Services to Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda, at the head of the famous Kokoda Track, are to get a boost.
The station at the north end of the track will be converted into a township for the people of Sohe District.

It changed my world gave me the courage to stand alone where I didn’t want to before – the knowledge that as long as one foot moves in front of the other everything will be ok – reverence for the people who made that track legendary and so much more its hard to find the words to describe it – the track porters people trackers I learnt something from all of them.

I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you on behalf of the 24th Sept – 2nd Oct trekkers. I had an amazing time. I surprised myself every day on the track and I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better. The porters your company organised were the most amazing men and I admire every one of them. They are amazing cooks too!